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Fundamental Security
Duration Time
5 days


Any computer user needs to know how to protect their information assets and securely connect to another system over a network. Understanding security fundamentals is the ideal starting point for anyone interested in learning computer networking and security basics and is aimed at helping computer users achieve better efficiency in using computing resources.

The objective of the workshop is to impart essential knowledge on how to leverage from standard security and networking practices. The knowledge provided is based on real time industry exposure to give a practical understanding of essential security requirements.

The participant is exposed to practical aspects of security and networking to give a better understanding of how to secure information, maintain privacy and avail the best of the computing resources available.

What You Will Learn

The following tables list Microsoft Certifications by name and describe how they enable IT professionals to display and validate their skills and experience.

Key Features

20 hours of high quality eLearning content
What You Will Learn
Achievements in work
72 end of chapter quizzes
Participation Certificate

Who Should Attend

Security Professionals
Security Officers
Security Auditors
Network/System Administrators
Anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure

topics covered

IT professional

Module 01: Introduction to Security
Module 02: System Threats and Risks Protecting Systems
Module 03: Network Vulnerabilities and Attacks
Module 04: Network Defenses
Module 05: Wireless Network Security Access Control Fundamentals
Module 06: Authentication
Module 07: Wireless Network Security Access Control Fundamentals
Module 08: Basic Cryptography Applying Cryptography
Module 09: Business Continuity Planning and Procedures Policies and Legislation