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Malware, short for malicious software is designed to infiltrate computer system/s and wreck havoc on the operating system, network or application. Most systems contain bugs, or loopholes, which may be exploited by malware. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, backdoors, crime ware, most root kits, and other malicious and unwanted software.

A significant percentage of today's malware is intended to allow crimes to be committed against its victims. In many cases, the crimes are aimed at specific organizations or industry groups.

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Module 01: Introduction
Module 02: What is Malware?
Module 03: What is Malware Analysis?
Module 04: Static Malware Analysis
Module 05: Limitation of Static Malware Analysis
Module 06: Dynamic Malware Analysis
Module 07: Malware Analysis Tools
Module 08: Conclusion