Incident response and Advanced Forencis

Siva Priya
Fast Track
Duration Time
75 Hours (19 Days)


This course discusses the often-neglected topic of managing an incident response team. Given the frequency and complexity of today's cyber attacks, incident response is a critical function for organizations. Incident response is the last line of defense.

Detecting and efficiently responding to incidents requires strong management processes, and managing an incident response team requires special skills and knowledge. A background in information security management or security engineering is not sufficient for managing incidents. On the other hand, incident responders with strong technical skills do not necessarily become effective incident response managers. Special training is necessary.

Key Features

20 hours of high quality eLearning content
3 case studies
106 real world examples from various industries
Education with new technologies
Achievements in work
2 Glossaries for difficult terms & acronyms


Incident Response Team Management 45 min
Creating Incident Response Requirements 45 min
Developing Incident Handling Capabilities 55 min
Reporting, SLAs, Cost of Incidents 2 hours
Setting up Operations 60 min
Navigating Executive Management 75 min
Awareness and Outreach 75 min