mobile device security

Siva Priya
Fast Track
Duration Time
75 Hours (19 Days)


Mobile device management is an industry term for the administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers

With mobile devices becoming ubiquitous and applications flooding the market, mobile monitoring is growing in importance. Numerous vendors help mobile device manufacturers, content portals and developers test and monitor the delivery of their mobile content, applications and services. This testing of content is done in real time by simulating the actions of thousands of customers and detecting and correcting bugs in the applications.

Key Features

20 hours of high quality eLearning content
3 case studies
106 real world examples from various industries
Education with new technologies
Achievements in work
2 Glossaries for difficult terms & acronyms


3 case studies
Participation Certificate


Mobile Device Hardware and Industry Overview 45 min
Mobile Operating Systems 45 min
Mobile Connectivity and Network Usage 55 min
Mobile Administrator Job Functions and Requirements 2 hours
Assessing Mobile Application Security 60 min
Attacking Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure 75 min
Managing iOS Devices 75 min
Managing Mobile Accessories 75 min
Manipulating Mobile Application Behavior 75 min
Mitigating Against Stolen Mobile Devices 75 min
Unlocking and Rooting Mobile Devices 75 min