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We at Redback solutions specialize in offering various types of IT training and educational services which have helped IT professionals and newbie's to improve and gain knowledge in IT domain. The beautifully structured training courses help the people to gain added value and also clear all their doubts. We aim to provide valuable IT training services to our clients from private business enterprise, institutions and even to individuals.

Our expert team of trainers makes use of modern teaching techniques through which they offer the clients the most reliable and satisfactory services to the clients. With our years of experience in the IT industry we come out with new innovative methods of teachings. We further offer diverse combination training program options to choose from. These programs are designed to meet the various needs of the clients. We also offer distance learning services to our clients. Our combination option program has proved successful and the friendly training environments have gained immense appreciations from our clients. Some of our combination programs which our clients can choose are as follows.


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topics covered

IT professional

Module 01: Course Introduction
Module 02: About SQL Server Training
Module 03: SQL Server Training Course Prerequisite
Module 04: SQL Server Training Course Prerequisite
Module 05: About the oracle Exam
Module 06: Managing Database Storage Structures
Module 07: Managing Data and Concurrency
Module 08: Managing Undo Data, Implementing Oracle Database Security
Module 09: Database Maintenance
Module 10: Performance Management
Module 11: Intelligent Infrastructure Enhancements
Module 12: Backup and Recovery Concepts, Performing Database Backups
Module 13: Performing Database Recovery
Module 14: oracle Framework